Abbey Part 5

1 : Introduction
2 : Motor Museum
3 : SOE Exhibit
4 : Gardens
5 : Beaulieu Abbey
6 : Palace House
7 : James Bond Exhibit

The Domus Conversorum, in early times the lay brothers' refectory and lodgings and, later, chambers for important guests once the lay brothers had left, now houses an exhibition of monastic life prior to Thomas Wriothesley's takeover.

The following edited account is also with acknowledgement to the Beaulieu Abbey Audio Commentary :

"The Domus is a two-storey building bordering on the Cloister, and was originally twice its present length. On the ground floor are the remains of the lay brothers' refectory.

"What used to be the cellar now contains an exhibition of monastic life, including a model of what the abbey may have looked like at the time. (See the bottom of this page - the Domus, just shown, is off to the left of this picture.)

"Upstairs is the lay brother's dormitory where a set of embroideries by Belinda, Lady Montagu depicts scenes from mediaeval monastic life and the history of the abbey since 1204.

"This room is also currently used for banquets and receptions on a regular basis."

The archway seen on the right of the picture below led directly from the Cloister to the Abbey Church.

Broken tiles rescued from the original Domus floor been re-laid on the ground floor (left and below).

We return to ground level via an outside stairway (left) and leave the Domus though an exit which opens directly on to an outside path leading to the Palace House - the former Great Gatehouse of the Abbey (below).

Model of the abbey on the Domus ground floor. The Domus, barely shown, is off to the left of this picture.

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